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Why Go Frameless & Why is it the Newest Trend in Home Design?

- Modern

If you ask any woman what the most important rooms in the house are she will say the kitchen and the bathroom! The bathroom is her sanctuary, a place of solitude where she can shower, bath, shave, apply makeup and relax. Old metal framed shower doors and mirrors are being replaced because of the beauty of seamless, tempered clear glass enclosures and single shower doors, designed with exceptional structural integrity of glass ranging from 3/8" to 1/2" thick.

- Cleaner

Glass shower enclosures and glass shower doors are made from glass in order to illuminate the otherwise dark shower space. In addition, seamless frameless glass panels and stainless steel hinges and handles, instead of thin aluminum, are easier to clean than framed panels.

- Durable

Stepping into a frameless glass shower is a completely different experience than an old framed shower enclosure. Thick tempered glass is far less likely to break because the panels stay in place and are fastened through holes in the glass, fastened by stainless steel hinges and drilled into the wall tile.

- Glass Protection

To keep your glass clear and clean all of our doors and panels at Frameless Class Connection are treated at no additional cost with Ultra Shield glass protectant so the water simply beads off the glass.

- Enviromentally Friendly

In a three-bedroom house the 2nd and 3rd bathrooms usually have a tub with a plastic and toxic shower curtain and rod. Did you know plastic curtains contain carcinogens that are harmful to you and your family? We can install frameless shower doors to replace those moldy, outdated and ugly shower curtains and tubs so you can showcase the tile work and create the feel of a larger bathroom space.

-Increased Value

Frameless shower doors and mirrors become the focal point of your bathroom and increases the value of your home. The new contemporary look of frameless shower doors and mirrors is one of the best ways to increase the resale value of your home.

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